His performance will propel him to unimaginable riches; rumors are there will be a bidding war for him next season. In addition to his talent, he has beauty and an un-solemn, laughing disposition going for him. He is married to the sister of Colombia¡¯s goalie David Ospina, and they have a heart-melting baby daughter, Salome, whose name is tattooed on his forearm. He kisses it after every goal.
They practiced, enthusiastically rooted on Garrett Temple as he defeated Bulls guard Tony Snell during a three-point competition at an NBA fan appreciation event and often ate team meals together. But the Wizards also mixed in sightseeing on Friday afternoon, when a handful joined John Wall at an Adidas-sponsored event to visit the city¡¯s famed Christ the Redeemer statue and several more attended an NBA charity function with native son Nene that included a basketball clinic and a tour of Favela Alemao, a slum on the north side of the city. Some also killed their limited spare time with trips to the beach.
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But at Yue Yuen it was also brands ¨C yes, brands ¨C that got involved on the side of the workers, campaigning for the release of workers' representatives arrested by Chinese authorities during the protest.
The gathering was orchestrated by Koli Tengalla, a veteran community activist and a fellow at the Open Society Institute whom Sohn hired to direct the Village House. The program was always designed to function without her. After she left, however, Hawkins, Brady and others asked for more responsibility and set up a snowball stand to raise funds to pay for GED tutoring for their classmates and school supplies for younger kids.
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