These socks were so tight at the top that I cut the upper 3/4 inch off to prevent them from affecting the circulation to my feet.
shoe is exactly what we wanted, my husband ordered these for work since he stands all day and he is very pleased with the comfort and look of thses shoes. he is actually ready to order another pair soon.
i bought these shoes for my 9 year old boy and he's pretty excited.He claims they are the best shoes he's ever had(he's been playing since he was 3 years old),they make him run faster and he doesn't get tired because they're very light in weight.I think i made a great investment.
Featuring a natural and comfortable feel, these Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 are lightweight and Flexible allowing full range of motion and Maximum Cushioning for your foot.
I previously was wearing the Asics Gel Frantic 3 and then the 4.I've run a couple marathons in the past and now I'm basically doing 3 to 5 miles a time about 3 or 4 times a week.I let the Frantic 3 wear down too low and I think that's why I got tendinitis and then the Frantic 4 didn't seem to allow the right motion for my neutral gate and made it worse.What does this have to do with the Marathon 10?Well after ditching the Frantic 4 the Marathon has felt MUCH better and I'm back to running a few times a week after not being able to shake the tendinitis for a year (with a little icing after runs). It lets my foot move as it should for a neutral gate, is lightweight, descent cushioning and I can use it to play a little soccer with no problems cutting (albeit coaching my son's team, not really playing).The retro style looks cool too...I really hate the neon look of most running shoes.Good shoe and I recommend it.
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